7 Reasons to End the 18-year War

Ten Congresses and three Presidents have corrupted the minds of people born since 9/11. Their entire lives they’ve been told that war is commonplace, permanent, and necessary.

The AUMF (Authorization of the Use of Military Force) that was signed in September 2001, has been a very profitable Statesploitation.

Who’s benefiting from this endless “War on Terror?”

  • Presidents seeking more power.
  • The Military-Industrial Complex, which enjoys greater war-related budgets.
  • Senior members of Congress who have greater clout in creating those budgets.
  • Senior Administration and military officials making names for themselves (when they retire, they litter TV news shows with their “expertise”).
  • The regime media companies for whom war “sells.”

The 2001 AUMF should be repealed.

You can demand that your “representatives” Repeal AUMF by sending this personalized letter. Feel free to customize it…

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