Flash Actions

Flash Actions…

Flash Actions are rapid responses to hot issues. We post these actions on social media (starting with Facebook) so we can react inside the news cycle, while the controversy is still boiling.

Flash Actions are not core or long-term issues, like our Downsize DC Agenda. But they help us pressure Congress while expanding the “Downsize DC Army,” as we explained in How DC Downsizers can overwhelm Congress in a Flash. Of course…

Not every DC Downsizer uses Facebook or other social media, so we also post our Flash Actions here, in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.

Please pick one or more issues and take action

Make Jeff Sessions cry!

8 reasons President Trump should reverse Jeff Sessions’ marijuana policy
You can show President Trump how he would benefit from reversing the Attorney General’s marijuana policy

Give Edward Snowden a “BIRTHDAY present.” Tell his oppressors to pardon him.

Pardon Edward Snowden
He should not be punished for revealing government criminality.

Parents are fleeing tax-funded schools. Congress can do two things to respect the will of the people.

Congress must become pro-choice on education
Parents and taxpayers both deserve the right to choose. The moral case should be obvious, but the flight of black parents to homeschooling further demonstrates the need.

Congress needs to do its job. Use our system to tell them.

You should shame Congress into reclaiming its war-making power
President Trump’s Syrian missile attacks violated the Constitution. Only Congress can approve war against other countries. Tell Congress to reclaim control of the war-making power.

The people who actually have something at stake favor armed teachers

Most parents favor armed teachers. Seriously!
The general public is suspicious of armed teachers, but a majority of parents favor this policy. Here’s how we can expand parental choice instead of imposing one approach…

We thought the Trump revolution was trying to get away from the Establishment approach?

President Trump shouldn’t agree with Al Gore about tariffs
Prices are already rising because of the tariff increases President Trump and Al Gore both want.

We have the means to prevent something bad. Will we act?

Could the 64-million sleeping libertarians stop the return of earmarks?
Congress wants to revive earmarks. But earmarks would stay dead if the Americans who oppose them protested, especially the 64-million sleeping libertarians.

How can you help the Iranians overthrow their regime…

Support the Iranian revolt. Here’s how…
Sanctions against Iran achieved nothing for decades. Sanctions end, Iranians revolt. Click to support the Iranian revolt by opposing isolationist sanctions.

It’s really bad news when Republicans and Democrats agree about something

Is Donald Trump showing his progressive roots
It’s not about infrastructure. It’s about expanding the debt to reward cronies

You paid for their crimes, now Congress should tell you their names

$17 million in tax money used to pay for Congressional misdeeds
260 cases of sexual harassment and discrimination have been settled using your money. Tell Congress to publicly report the names of the perps.

Resist bitcoin registration!

Make them pry your bitcoins from your cold dead hard drive!
Tell Congress to keep their hands off bitcoin.


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