Our Proposals

We advocate…

  • Limiting government to defensive purposes only (such as criminal justice)
  • Leaving people free to follow their own conscience, provided they respect the equal rights of others to do the same
  • Rejecting “good intentions” as an acceptable reason for politicians to use aggression

We derive these approaches from the Zero Aggression Principle: Don’t aggress against others, personally or politically.  width=

We support legislation that reduces aggressive or excessive force. We oppose legislation that retains or increases aggressive violence. But you don’t have to agree with us on every issue to participate. You can support our proposals when you agree and oppose them when you disagree. 

The Downsize DC Agenda

If you want to control Congress then you must regulate Congress. We create bills designed to give you that power. Each of our bills listed below would constrain Congress. Click on the proposal that intrigues you most.


Crime and punishment

Ending Prohibition

Federal Finances

Foreign policy & National Defense




Money & Banking






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