Obama and Trump both GUILTY of protecting child rape in Afghanistan.

Downsize DC’s official position is that… If you want to understand U.S. foreign policy, think of it as being devoted to enemy creation, not national security. Then, the actions of U.S. politicians will make sense.

Constant enemy creation holds the populace in fear, empowers politicians, makes the people subservient, and enriches the Military Industrial Complex. We can demonstrate that nearly all U.S. foreign policy and military actions for more than a century have served this purpose. Here’s yet another ugly example… 

U.S. tax dollars ($70 billion) have funded and trained Afghan police and defense forces through three administrations, Bush, Obama, and Trump. During that time U.S. troops have constantly complained about Afghan soldiers and police using Afghan children as sex slaves. Yes, you read that right.

Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump have ignored these complaints. Official U.S. policy has even blocked troops from rescuing abused children. But it gets worse…

The Taliban has used these crimes as a tool to recruit forces to fight the U.S., providing stark evidence for our claim that U.S. foreign policy is aimed at enemy creation, not national security. You know something is very wrong when the Taliban is on the right side and U.S. politicians are on the wrong side.

SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) has confirmed the charges, but the Pentagon has blocked release of the SIGAR report and replaced it with their own “sanitized” version.

President Trump has declared that “we will not dictate to the Afghan people how to live.” But the result is that we are funding and endorsing child rape while recruiting new enemies for the American people. This may serve the interests of the political class and the Military Industrial Complex but it must be resisted by all decent Americans. If you’re a decent person, please send a letter opposing the policy…

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