How to legalize marijuana instantly!

HR 1227 – the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act – will legalize marijuana at the federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances Schedule 1. This bill represents a huge opportunity, if you will seize it!

The immigration issue demonstrates what can be done. Most Americans reject the anti-immigration position. Yet it dominates the public debate because the people who oppose immigration are very pushy. Congress responds to that! So…

If an assertive minority view like anti-immigration can make the politicians move, just imagine what a majority position could accomplish. Somewhere between 61% and 64% of Americans want to end pot prohibition. That amounts to more than 155-million American adults! Make no mistake — if all those people contacted their elected reps to ask for marijuana legalization…

Pot prohibition would end INSTANTLY!

It wouldn’t take a decade or even a month. But for many people, the thought of sending Congress even one message is too much. They’re too crippled with defeatism and inertia to take even the easiest action. Well…

This is your chance to not be crippled.

Send our letter to Congress. Better yet, put it in your own words.

– Perry Willis & Jim Babka. Updated Fri, 8/10/18

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