Downsize DC’s “Read the Bills Act” (RTBA)

RTBA requires that…

  • Every bill be read before a quorum in both chambers (House and Senate) – that’s 50% plus one of the members. 
  • Each member wanting to vote YES must sign an affidavit stating that he or she has read every word of that bill.
  • Each bill must be posted on the Internet 7-days prior to a vote so that you and other Americans can have time to read and comment.
  • Every amendment to existing law must quote both the existing text and the new text that will replace it. This will make it easier to “read the bill,” for both Congress and you.
  • Courts cannot hold you responsible for any measures “passed” in violation of the RTBA provisions.

You can read the text of RTBA here.

Tell your Representative and two Senators to introduce Downsize DC’s Read the Bills Act.

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