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First FDA Censorship, Now FDA Lies

First FDA Censorship, Now FDA Lies

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April Results

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .:::


* April results:::* Action item:::


We achieved more major milestones in April . . .:::

* We had our first victory in Congress, when the House voted to not regulate groups like Downsize DC:::* We passed 12,000 DC Downsizers recruited, and . . .:::* 300,000 messages to Congress:::

Our totals for April were . . .:::

* 745 new Downsizers recruited:::* 37,776 messages sent to Congress:::* 5 media interviews (down considerably from March, but one of these was on 400 stations!):::

None of these results are records, but it was still a strong showing. We had our 5th best month for recruitment and our 3rd best month for messages to Congress. Not only are we growing constantly, but DC Downsizers are participating more-and-more. :::

Constant growth makes it inevitable that we’ll eventually have an army large enough to overwhelm Congress and compel them to Downsize DC. So let’s keep growing in May!:::

We also got some important work done behind the scenes. We completed the programming for the online tools needed to manage the MeetUp groups for the “No Legislation Without Representation Conference” and the Congressional Invasion. We hope to launch this project next week. And we also made progress on our new “non-delegation bill,” which would prohibit Congress from delegating its legislative power to the Executive Branch bureaucracy. We hope to unveil this companion bill to RTBA soon. :::

Finally, we raised $10,221. This was $3,779 short of what we needed, so we’ll have to add it to our May goal, which will be $17,779. If you would like to contribute or start a monthly pledge you can do so here.:::

Thank you to Peter Ruhe for his recent contribution. :::


DC Downsizers also helped to promote the work of our friends at “Free Talk Live.” This growing radio show promotes Downsize DC and runs our radio ads on a regular basis. They also have me on as a frequent guest. Thank you to everyone who voted in the Internet poll last month to promote “Free Talk Live” and get it heard on more stations. :::

Thanks to your help “Free Talk Live” exceeded 800 votes last month, which was good enough to keep them in 2nd place. To make it to 1st and continue to expose new people to Downsize DC, they’ll need 1,000 votes. Please vote now at, and then ask a friend to do the same. Voting is quick. All you need is an email address — you will not be spammed! To cast your vote for “Free Talk Live” click here.:::


Active campaigning begins again tomorrow, so get ready to grow in May!:::

Spread the word about Downsize DC by voting for “Free Talk Live” here.:::

Keep us moving forward by contributing or starting a monthly pledge here.:::

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer!:::

Jim, Inc.:::

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