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How Seattle used a minimum wage increase to cut earnings $125/mo

Will Congress hear about the harm done by the Seattle minimum wage?

Malpractice lawyers feast on bloated bills. You pay the price.

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The Attorney General has ‘Reefer Madness’

If Jeff Sessions can’t tell the difference between opioids and cannabinoids, should he be Attorney General?

How to slash hospital costs instantly

We need to deny local politicians the power to create healthcare cartels.

Do you want to see Downsize DC’s new website?

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Tell Congress to revive “true health insurance”

What we have now is phony health insurance

We want to hear from our Veterans now

Do vets trust politicians and believe in their wars?

What we SHOULD remember on Memorial Day

It’s not what the politicians want you to contemplate

Is Downsize DC gone?

Lemons are necessary to make lemonade

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