Good news about the “Obamacare Replacement Act”

More is possible if we keep pushing

Ask Congress to “un-tax” your healthcare expenses

Death is even more certain with the current tax code

URGENT: Shout NO! to Ryan’s healthcare bill

Your healthcare is doomed if the GOP passes this Obamacare-lite bill

Why were Republicans willing to repeal Obamacare last year, but not now?

Obamacare-lite is weaker than this GOP passed bill from 2016.

Support Rand Paul’s Obamacare replacement bill (S. 222)

You’ll love what it does for you.

The GOP should listen to Rand Paul on Obamacare

The return of the stupid, spineless party

Repeal Obamacare QUICKLY: Healthcare proposal #2

This will increase the pressure to enact free market reforms

One Subject at a Time reintroduced in U.S. House and…

The news gets better! We set a record. And even that’s not all!

Healthcare proposal #1: Restore natural prices & make them visible

The resulting competition will put you in charge, reducing your wait times and costs

Is Donald Trump a cancer? Or…

…Is it just the issue of immigration?

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