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May 31, 2017

Tell Congress to revive “true health insurance”

Cash prices & “true health insurance” are the keys to reducing medical costs. Retweet

The Senate is working on a new healthcare bill. We need to give them guidance because they’re almost sure to get it wrong if left to their own devices. [True Health Insurance]

Send your instructions to Congress. You may copy or edit the following sample letter…

We already know how to make both healthcare and health insurance highly affordable. Patients need to pay for most of their own medical expenses, with insurance relegated to only the rarest and expensive problems. This would…

* Make doctor visits, tests, treatments, and pharmaceuticals much cheaper because cash prices are lower! []
* Make health insurance much more affordable

To achieve these goals you must pass legislation to restore true health insurance. State and federal politicians have destroyed health insurance by…

* Imposing mandates that force policies to cover too many things
* Creating perverse tax incentives that turn supposed insurance policies into expensive “bill paying services” []

To fix these problems you must…

* Remove all insurance mandates — let every type of health insurance be sold in an open, competitive market
* Kill the mandates imposed at the state level by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines
* Equalize the tax treatment for all healthcare costs

True insurance (major medical/hospitalization) protects against expensive risks. It does NOT pay for every expense. Car insurance that paid for oil changes would be prohibitively expensive too.

Remove all the mandates. The insurance industry loves these mandates but they hurt consumers.

Several wonderful benefits will flow our way, once we have true health insurance again…

* Premiums will plummet because mandates drive up costs
* The number of insurance providers will skyrocket, creating competition that will further reduce insurance premiums
* The number of people lacking insurance will fall dramatically
* New products will appear. We’ll be able to choose between different kinds of insurance with different prices to meet our unique needs. For instance, we could have health-status insurance to protect against pre-existing conditions

Please introduce legislation to revive “true health insurance.”


Note: You may have a Rep or Senator that is not current. We’re scheduled, this weekend, to internally test the new Downsize DC website! That’s why we’re not diverting money or time into updating our current software. But action cannot wait. Your letter will still be delivered to the other incumbents, so please send it.

  • Send your letter to Congress {link expired}
  • Forward this message to friends you think might agree.
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  • Please consider making a contribution or starting a monthly pledge to further our work

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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