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So much good news

October was another great month for Here are the details . . .

* We made budget for the third month in a row (Thank You!)
* We cleared an extra $2,040 to spend on advertising (a first!)
* We recruited 493 new Downsizers, our fourth best month this year
* We have a record number of subscribers to the Downsizer-Dispatch: 23,730
* We sent 16,629 messages to Congress

* Our Downsizer army now stands at 15,145
* Total messages to Congress now stands at 425,355
* 45,515 people have now heard about Downsize DC through our Tell-a-friend system and tens of thousands more by forwarded emails.

Word has been spreading in other ways too. Here’s what radio talk show host Jerry Hughes told his listeners in early October . . .

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Cornyn the Orwellian

In his reply to a Downsizer’s petition to repeal torture, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) promptly and courteously sent a response defending his vote for … the Real ID Act, saying,::::::I supported the REAL ID Act as I believe it to be an important component of national security.::::::Even when sending the wrong reply, Cornyn comes up short.

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Separating Church and State

The October 8 New York Times contains a lengthy but interesting report on the relationship between Church and State (registration required). Many states, as well as Congress, often give church-run enterprises like day care centers tax and regulatory breaks that other non-profit and for-profit businesses don’t get.

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