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The easy way to end the Federal Reserve monopoly

Use political leverage to get what you want in spite of the politicians Retweet Downsize DC aims to do a lot with a little. So we’re always looking for levers….

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This action will change government incentives

Make government programs compete with voluntary solutions Retweet Let us (the growing Downsize DC Army) constantly… Increase the amount of libertarian pressure Congress feels. Push to change the rules and…

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New amicus brief defending your freedom of the PRESS

First they came for the charities, but I wasn’t a charity. Then they came for me Retweet Should you need a license to exercise your freedom of the press? If…

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Action needed on the Write the Laws Act

Tell Congress it must vote on every rule federal agencies create Retweet Today’s Actions…  Retweet the tweet above (if you have a Twitter account) Use our Political Leverage Machine to…

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