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January 5, 2016

5 things that will get you a libertarian society

Let’s start the New Year with some fresh ideas. How many active supporters do you think we would need to execute the following five tactics…

  1. Stop Congress from passing bad bills?
  2. Pass good bills… like Downsize DC’s “Read the Bills Act?”
  3. Score constant policy victories using ballot initiatives?
  4. Hang juries so frequently that bad laws would become unenforceable?
  5. Win super-majorities in state legislatures and Congress?

Can these questions be answered?

Well, four of these five things have already been accomplished by other groups. So we spent the last months of 2015 modeling those four examples and reverse engineering the fifth one. The result is something that’s never existed before…

A believable, step-by-step plan for creating a libertarian society.

What do we mean by a libertarian society? We mean…

  • A culture that rejects the initiation of force
  • Served by institutions of governance that only use force defensively

Surely the libertarian movement’s purpose is creating such a society, yet…

We’ve never seen such a plan by organizational leaders, despite 19 and 35 years of work (respectively) in the libertarian movement. Think about how strange that is. Could that explain why we haven’t gotten further? After all…

Wouldn’t people be more motivated if they saw a realistic path to the world they desire to live in?

We think so! Others seem to think so too, given the responses to an early draft of our plan. It’s getting rave reviews…

  • “Wow this is really good! I totally dig this content — a different plan that’s flexible enough to sidestep election law constraints. I’ve been working with libertarians for seven years now and from all the conventions I’ve gone to and people I’ve met, this is the framework for what I consider the best plan to bring like-minded people together and bring about positive change.” — Mike N.

  • “This is magnificent!” — Steve S.

  • “This is an epic document. It’s well constructed, point-by-point.” — Richard W.

  • “Big picture thinking.” — Chris R.

So we’re sure you’re wondering…

When will you get your own copy of “How to Create a Libertarian Society?”

It will be available very soon. It will be published in multiple formats — online, email, and print. In the meantime, we’re launching Phase One of that plan TODAY.

We have two major goals in 2016. Downsize DC will work with the Zero Aggression Project to…

  1. Recruit 100,000 email subscribers
  2. Have 10% of those people become donors

Achieving those goals will give us “escape velocity.” Once those goals are achieved, we think we’ll be able to implement the five tactics listed above in as little as ten years, with a full-fledged libertarian society to follow soon after.

Does that sound impossible to you?

Most libertarians assume that a decade is insufficient. We thought so too, because we took it for granted that…

  • There are only a few hundred thousand libertarians
  • We would need to convince 40, 60, or even 100 million conservatives and progressives to become hardcore libertarians

But our new plan blows those notions away…

  • We don’t need a majority to execute the five tactics at the top of this message
  • In fact, the toughest tactic on the list requires a mere 13 million committed persons (you’ll see why when we publish our plan)
  • Every other tactics requires far less than that
  • There’s also an abundance of low-hanging fruit

In other words, the support required is already within our grasp. And it can be obtained fairly quickly, especially if we can recruit 100,000 subscribers and 10,000 donors this year.

So, how will we do that?

Simple. Here are three things we’ll do…

  1. Look for people who already agree with us.
  2. Increase the opportunity for success by focusing on our popular transpartisan bills — “Read the Bills,” “Write the Laws” and “One Subject at a Time.”
  3. Sell a vision of ultimate success by spreading our new plan — “How to Create a Libertarian Society” — to 250,000 people this year

We need to make constant forward progress towards our big goals. That process starts this week.

On Thursday we’ll ask YOU to do the following…

  • Write your friends explaining what the “Read the Bills Act” does. We’ll give you some text to help with this task.
  • Ask these friends to write YOU back, telling you if they support or oppose the “Read the Bills Act.”
  • Thank those who oppose it for answering.
  • Ask those who support it to write a message to Congress.
  • Tell us about the response you get.

Finding people who want what you want is that simple. But that first step won’t be enough. We ALSO need to use various kinds of advertising to find new people who agree with RTBA and our other proposals. And we have good news on that front…

A generous patron has covered our basic operating expenses for January. That means…

Any additional money we raise this week can be used to find new people, to take us closer to our goal of recruiting 100,000 supporters this year. That includes you. Donate right now and we’ll be closer to…

  • 10,000 donors
  • 100,000 people to pressure Congress
  • Escape velocity for our ten year plan to create a libertarian society

If you like our goals, and you want to help us find new supporters, please start the year by making a contribution to support our work. If you want to give us constant fuel through the year, consider starting a monthly pledge.

Thank you for your past and future assistance,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis

Downsize DC

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