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July 1, 2009

59 Days!

Quote of the Day: “God is always on the side of the big battalions.” – ?? (sometimes ascribed to Voltaire, Napoleon, or others)

Subject: You Grew the Downsize DC Army by 1,000 Net Members in Just 59 Days

At, you’re a MEMBER of our Army if you’re a SUBSCRIBER to our list. MEMBER = SUBSCRIBER.

The subscription count has always been our most important number. The PRIMARY goal of is to build an army.

Not everyone visiting our site gets that. Some people look at and go, “Oh, lobbying – that’s been done before.” But no one has done it like!

Sure, we enter every battle wanting to win; but we’re much more focused on emerging bigger and stronger than we were before we entered a particular fight. Why? Because victory tends to go the side with the bigger battalions. 

We want to build our army so large that Congress cannot afford to ignore you… so big, that we (you and I) can get our message of smaller, Constitutionally-limited government out to everyone, everywhere, every day.

The bigger the army, the larger YOUR voice is. That’s why we’re thrilled to report that this most important number of all numbers just reached another milestone.

It took us 176 days to go from 24,000 to 25,000 NET new subscribers to the Downsizer-Dispatch.

But we’ve gone from 25,000 to 26,000 in less than two months — just 59 days!

And that growth was thanks to so many of you blogging about, forwarding these Dispatches, utilizing the “Tell-a-Friend” feature in our Educate the Powerful System and, especially, sending a personalized recruitment message to others — directions for which can be found on our blog.

Now, can we get to 27,000 in 58 days or less?

To do so, we need to keep entering the fray — to keep taking action. Today’s Action Item is… Help End the Mexican Civil War

Black-market profits caused by drug prohibition fund a civil war in Mexico that’s threatening to spill over our borders. Drug profits also fuel the terrorists who are killing U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. It’s time to dry up the black-market profits. It’s time to end drug prohibition.

Let’s take action and keep the good news of our growth coming.

On top of the good news that we grew by 1,000 in 59 days, we also broke a modern record. We registered more people on our own in June ’09 than in any June in recent history. 994 registered last month — we just missed one thousand by six registrations! The previous real record of 930 new June registrations was set back in 2007. We also exceeded our primary goal, to do more than we did in May when 610 new people registered to use our Educate the Powerful system, meaning that you DC Downsizers exceeded the May result by 384 new users!

Congratulations and thank you!

But the good news keeps coming. The Downsize DC Army is growing, and it’s on the march. Here’s how your team finished the month…

* We sent 36,512 messages to Congress in May. In June we sent 43,290 messages – an increase of 6,778 messages. We’re pushing for relentless progress, and so 43,291 messages sent is now our July goal.

* We recruited 424 net new members (subscribers) in May. We recruited 677 NET in June. That means we exceeded our goal for the month by 252 net new members.

* Net growth for the year now stands at 1,756 and the Downsize DC Army now stands at 26,105

Congratulations and thank you!

We also reached our most important donor goal for June. We recruited 12 new monthly pledgers in May. In June we exceeded that. 18 DC Downsizers started monthly pledges. Now, in order to keep making more rapid progress, we need 19 new pledgers this month. Now would be a great time to sign up…

Your monthly pledge can be as low as $5, which is just 17 cents per day. Every bit counts, but obviously, pledging more would allow us to do more. When you start your pledge on our secure contribution form, please let us know if we can advertise your support here:

NEW MONTHLY PLEDGERS IN JUNE: Janet Rea, Timothy M. Dyer Jr, Kenny Harrill, Ryan Sharif, Katherine Durham, David C. Flathmann, Maggie Culver, Ginny Rober, Dwight E. Baker, David H. Abernathy, John Murphy, Jeremiah J Blanchard, SIX unlisted

Or, if you prefer a one time gift, please let us know on our secure contribution form if its okay to advertise your support here: 

NEW ONE TIME DONORS IN JUNE: Bryan Anderson, West Coile, James Sherman, Lawrence Lappin, Malin Williams, Jeffrey Taylor, Jason Pace, Kraig Clark, Autumn Browne, Victoria Pate, Patricia Barnum, Dwight E Baker, Rick Slusher, Dr. R.S. Gillinson, Edward J Krieger, Jan Berridge, EIGHT unlisted

The Downsize DC Army is relentless, growing bigger and stronger. If we keep doing this, then success is assured. If we can do more faster, then our success will also happen faster. Everything we do depends on you. Thank you for your support.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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