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June 5, 2007

A Mexican reads the bill

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Subject: Mind-boggling Congressional stupidity

Picture this: A Mexican migrant worker sits down to read the new 700+ page Senate immigration bill.

He doesn’t know a lick of English, but he’s giving it a go anyway. He wants to obey the law, so he has to know the difference between a Z-visa and an a, b, c, d or whatever visa.

Can’t imagine it happening? Well how about this . . .

This Mexican worker earns a whopping $15 a week working in Mexico, but he really does want to obey the law, so he spends a month’s salary for a lawyer to tell him how to work in the U.S. legally.

Still can’t picture it? Well how about this . . .

The Mexican just ignores the whole thing and walks across the border.

This last scenario makes the Mexican look pretty smart, and Congress, and huge chunks of the American public, pretty stupid.

Can we really expect a Mexican to read and understand our laws, when not even Congress does?

Only a politician would be surprised if the average Mexican migrant worker says, “I don’t need no stinkin’ z-visa.”

And only a fantasy-prone mind would expect our omni-incompetent federal government to enforce this “people prohibition scheme” any better than it has all of its other prohibition fiascoes.

Gun prohibition doesn’t stop criminals from having guns. Drug prohibition doesn’t stop people from buying and selling drugs. And people prohibition isn’t going to stop poor people from going where the money is, or businessmen from seeking the best price for labor.

Try as it might, the U.S. Congress cannot repeal the law of supply and demand. So what will this law really accomplish? The answer should be obvious . . .

This new immigration law will expand federal control over law abiding U.S. citizens.

Businesses that comply with this law will feel the heavy hand of the state as they strive to do background checks on every person they hire. Law abiding businesses will suffer, while those that participate in the black market for cheap labor will thrive.

Law abiding workers will also suffer. You will be subject to background checks, but those working in the black market will not.

All prohibition schemes of all types share several crucial features. They all ignore the law of supply and demand. And they all succeed in punishing only a few of the guilty, while making all of the innocent suffer from the negative consequences that flow from a black market.

The truth is that this so-called immigration reform is really about the REAL ID Act. The electronic verification aspects of this bill (which is just code for the REAL ID Act), are the only parts of this bill that will have any real impact. And the impact will be on YOU, the legal worker, or you, the legal business operator.

Methinks what we really need is a bill to deport Congress, but in the meantime, we should all work to have electronic background checks removed from any immigration bill Congress passes. You can tell Congress to do that HERE.

If you’ve already told them once, please tell them again, just to make sure they hear you.

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Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.

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