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Will AOC embrace Citizens United now that she benefits from it?

Once upon a time, a group called Citizens United wanted to both broadcast a film and run ads promoting it. Their movie was about Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was a candidate for President. 

The FEC ruled that ads about and broadcast of the film would be illegal under the then-existing campaign finance laws. Citizen’s United challenged that restriction in court. DownsizeDC.org, Inc (which runs this website) and Downsize DC Foundation filed an amicus curiae brief in that case. We argued that all groups of citizens, including corporations like Citizens United and Downsize DC, have freedom of the PRESS that the campaign finances laws were violating.

The Supreme Court agreed. The result was the landmark Citizens United decision.

The political left hates the Citizens United ruling. They lie about it constantly. We’ve exposed those lies in the past. But now AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D–N.Y.), a darling of the political left, stands to benefit from Citizens United.

Netflix has paid $10 million for the right to broadcast Knock Down the House, a documentary about the political campaigns run by AOC and three other women. Thanks to the Citizens United decision Netflix would be free to show this film in the days leading up to an election when it could benefit AOC greatly. But AOC opposes the Citizens United decision, as do many in Congress. AOC and all Citizens United opponents in Congress should change their positions. They should embrace the freedom of the press, defend the Citizens United decision, and applaud the fact that AOC may benefit from it!

Send Congress a letter telling them so. Use our letter below, or put it in your own words.

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Subject:    AOC may benefit from the Citizens United decision. Applaud this!

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