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August 22, 2012

Are You a Post-Statist?

This is the Zero Aggression Principle (ZAP) . . .

No one should initiate harm against another.

Because of this principle the Zero Aggression Project is pro-government but anti-state. Can you tell the difference between a government and The State?

The State is . . .

1) Bullying. It uses blackmail and threats of violence.
2) Aggressive. It initiates actual violence when the bullying doesn’t gain submission.
3) Monopolistic. Neither you nor I can fire The State and hire a better service provider.

These features make The State inherently criminal. Until they’re removed we cannot truly have government.

But imagine how things would be if we made one simple change…

          Government can only use violence defensively — it can never initiate.

In other words…

Imagine a world where government only serves and never rules.

Wouldn't that be a better world? A more peaceful world? A less criminal world?

If you desire this then . . .

                                                  You are probably a Post-Statist.
The Post-Statist is someone who has gotten over The State, and who has come to view it as a false god.

ZAP is a visionary, forward-looking idea. It builds on the past, but it doesn't look to return there.

Post-statists aim to make the ZAP the centerpiece of global civilization, one mind at a time.

This is the goal of the Zero Aggression Project. Is it your goal?

Do you want to create a world where statist bullying, statist violence, and statist monopoly are all relics of a barbarous past? Then you may want to become a Founder of the Zero Aggression Project. You can do that here.

But if you aren’t sure yet, keep reading. We’ll share another piece of the ZAP vision tomorrow.
Jim Babka and Perry Willis
The Zero Aggression Project

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