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April 29, 2006

Attention New Hampshire Downsizers!

Please check out Granite State ID, a site dedicated to the passage of HB1582, which will remove New Hampshire from participation in the federal REAL ID system. HB1582 already overwhelmingly passed the New Hampshire House, received a unanimous “Ought To Pass” recommendation from the Senate municipal affairs committee, and the promise of the Governor’s signature if passed by the Senate. But, it’s not a done deal. As Joel Winters has informed us, the Senate President “hates” the bill. The full New Hampshire Senate is taking it up next week, and we urge DC Downsizers who reside in that great state to tell your state Senators to pass HB1582, and to spread the word to your friends. This page will give you your Senator’s phone number and email address; all you have to do is click your town or district.

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