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January 26, 2010

Audit the Fed First is part of a transpartisan coalition of 40 organizations demanding that an audit of the Fed take place before Chairman Ben Bernanke is re-confirmed. Keep in mind, however, that the issue is not about Mr. Bernanke, but about Fed transparency, which he opposes. Let’s use his renomination process as a lever to move the Fed Audit forward . . .


, president, FreedomWorks

, president, Americans for Tax Reform, president, National Taxpayers Union, president, Taxpayers for Common Sense, founder, OpenLeft, co-director, Center for Economic and Policy Research, co-director, Campaign for America’s Future, executive director, Project On Government Oversight, director of financial regulation studies, Cato Institute, executive director, Government Accountability Project, president, American Policy Center, founder, Zero Hedge, executive director, Center for Fiscal Accountability, founder, FireDogLake

J. Bradley Jansen, Director ,Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights, Washington director, Public Interest Research Groupco-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, president, Eagle Forum, president, Campaign for Liberty, CEO, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, president, Public Citizen

Chuck Muth, President, Citizens Outreach, president, The Rutherford Institute

Larry Greenley, Director of Marketing, The John Birch Society

John Berlau, Director, Center for Investors and Entrepreneurs, Competitive Enterprise Institute

William Greene, President,

David E. Williams, Vice President, Policy, Citizens Against Government Waste

Andrew Langer, President, Institute for Liberty

Jim Babka,  President,, Inc.

, co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, executive director, National People’s Action

Jim Turner, Chairman, Citizens for Health

Eileen Dannemann, Directori, National Coalition of Organized Women

Dane vonBreichenruchardt 

You can also send a letter telling Congress to audit the Fed using’s Educate the Powerful System.

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