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May 12, 2010

Audit the Fed: thank or spank

Senator Vitter tried to get Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” measure appended to the so-called financial regulation bill. The effort failed, 37 to 62. Please take action . . .

Check to see how your Senators voted here.

Then, send a letter to Congress that does the following . . .

* Thank a Senator if he or she voted yes
* Spank a Senator if he or she voted no
* Add a request for both of your Senators and your House Rep. to please vote against the so-called financial regulation bill.

You can send your letter here

The hard-wired message for this campaign reads: Please pass legislation requiring an audit of the Fed.

I’m in Arizona. For my letter to Congress I added the following personal comments, after which you can model your own . . .

I’m displeased that the Senate voted down the Vitter amendment, which would have given us a complete audit of the Fed. Thank you to Senator McCain for voting yes on the amendment, but I am very unhappy with Senator Kyl for voting against it.

I want to urge both of my Senators, and my House Rep., who is also getting this message, to please vote down the financial regulation bill as a whole. It’s just another bloated Washington, DC mess.


You can see your Senator’s names once you’re logged-in to send your thank or spank letter.

Please check to see how your Senators voted here.

Let every Senator be overwhelmed with letters! Retweet this.

Thanks for being part of the Downsize DC Army.

Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc.

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