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November 17, 2009

Bribery: Congressional leaders are using your tax money to bribe other members of Congress

Congressional leaders routinely use your tax money to bribe other members of Congress, buying votes to enact legislation that couldn’t pass otherwise. The so-called healthcare bill is the latest example.

Please send Congress a letter using an anti-bribery argument to oppose the cancerous healthcare bill.

You can copy or borrow from my letter to Congress to write your own . . .

Please oppose the so-called healthcare reform bill. I especially object to the fact that my tax dollars are being used to bribe members of Congress to secure their votes, or to reward powerful Senators. For instance . . .

The Baucus bill has the federal government paying the entire cost for the mandated Medicaid expansion in the following states: Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island and Michigan. This is an attempt to bribe or reward the Senators and Representatives from those states using my tax money.

Other states aren’t getting this sweet deal. Citizens in the other 46 states will have to pay higher taxes to fund this scheme.

I’m sure the so-called heathcare bill is stuffed with other sweetheart deals, designed to win key votes. You guys call this logrolling. I call it bribery. The only reason Congressional leaders get away with it is because they’re using my tax money to do the bribing, but that makes it worse, not better.

Frankly, I think any Congressional leader who offers a tax-funded benefit for a state or district in order to secure a vote, and any member of Congress who negotiates to gain such a benefit, should be brought up on charges and go to jail for violating the anti-bribery law.

The laws are supposed to treat all of us equally. Any law that treats citizens of some states differently is inherently unjust, and any law passed using tax-funded bribery is inherently unethical. I believe the so called healthcare bill is both things, unjust and unethical. VOTE AGAINST IT!

I’m paying close attention to what you do, and will take it into account as I discuss your re-election with other voters.


Send your letter to Congress using’s Educate the Powerful System.

Please take additional steps to spread the word, recruit more DC Downsizers, and increase the heat on Congress:

Your support is our progress.

Jim Babka, President, Inc.


The Wall Street Journal writes about the sweetheart deal some Congresspersons have secured here:


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