August 11, 2017

What are Downsize DC’s next two improvements?

Why Downsize DC sells plans & progress rather than hate and fear. Retweet

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy! New websites have lots of enemies, called “bugs.” So it is with our new Downsize DC site, but we’re fixing the bugs one-by-one. Plus…  width=

We’re bringing back an old friend!

Downsize DC’s primary goal has always been…

Build an army so big, so strong, that Congress can’t ignore it.

Our days of greatest membership growth came during the “Downsizer-Dispatch” era. That newsletter focused on Plans & Progress. Most organizations try to raise money by causing fear or hate of an opponent. We want to do it be selling a vision of a better future, and describing how to get there. DC Downsizers seemed to dig this approach. They shared our Plans & Progress message with their friends. This generated steady growth. Heck, it was the key to growing the Downsize DC Army. But in 2012…

A major donor of ours was courted by another group led by a libertarian celebrity. During a reception, he encouraged this group to work with us. He was told…

“No need. We’re building a system just like theirs.”

You might think such direct competition bothered us. It didn’t. If they could’ve done it right, we would’ve preferred it. It’s not as if there was (or is) a limited number of things that need doing! We simply would’ve done something else for the movement. So…

Anticipating that a bigger and better-funded group would soon be doing a better job at what we’d been doing, we decided to blaze a new path. We…

  • Started planning a project called Deny Consent.
  • Changed the Downsizer-Dispatch to the Consent Chronicle.
  • Traded away our transpartisan tone in favor of something more “edgy” — this was, after all, the “Occupy” era.
  • Planned new tactics.

But the celebrity-led alternative to Downsize DC petered-out, and so did Deny Consent. We began the transition back to our old approach. Our new website is one manifestation of that. And here are a few others…

We’re bringing back an “old friend” — the Downsizer-Dispatch. That newsletter was growth-oriented, focused on a Plans & Progress approach because…

  • We want to execute step-by-step plans that will lead to ultimate success
  • Progress with one step builds energy for the next step

Our next issue will share a brand new and record-setting example of such progress, and start sharing our plans for exploiting and extending that success. Meanwhile…

A generous donor has funded most of our recent work (such as the new website). He wants to see that others have “skin in the game” too. Can we report to him that you have either…

Can we also report your name to our patron, and list your name in the next issue of this newsletter? You can make your contribution and tell us whether or not you want your name listed using this form.

Not everyone can afford to give right now. We understand. But we could also use testimonials promoting our work. We use such quotes in the progress reports we send to our top patrons. You’ll only be identified by first name, last initial, and state. Send your comment to

Criticism is welcome too. Many of our changes are responses to your feedback.

Stay tuned for more plans & progress.

Thank you for being an active DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Co-Founders, Inc.

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