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November 23, 2005

Building better immune systems

We at Downsize DC want to live longer, healthier lives. The key to this is more-and-better private research, unahampered by the political considerations that tend to bias, distort, and misdirect government research. We want to Downsize DC so less money will be wasted and so more resources will be available for private efforts that actually work.

Here is another example of the kind of research we want to see flourish. Scientists are learning more and more about how our immune systems work, and about how to manipulate them and potentially improve them.

When you watch the nightly news, with its obssesive concern about all things political and governmental, it’s easy to conclude that things are getting worse-and-worse. That’s an accurate picture so far as politics and government are concerned, but that isn’t where the action is. Private, voluntary efforts are making things better-and-better. That’s where the action is. And to get more of this kind of action, we need to Downsize DC.

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