October 10, 2017

Did you miss the article they’re talking about?

Regime change, non-interventionist style! Retweet

Last Thursday, we sent out an editorial by Jim Babka titled, Why Non-Interventionism is NOT sufficient

It’s getting rave reviews, and it’s being shared by others.

Roger L. declares, “This article on regime change through cultural engagement is brilliant!” And Michael G. ads, “Spot-on, Mr. Jim!”

Joe C. agrees, “Excellent proposal. It is useful to know all those satellite downloads by young people in those ‘lands of darkness’ are something of concern to… the elders of traditional authority.”

So we’re resending the column to you, today.

  • If you haven’t read it yet, please do so now.
  • If you’ve read it already, please recommend it to others by email or on Facebook.

The essential argument of this editorial is…

We should crave non-military regime change in totalitarian-run countries. Instead of bombs, we would use trade, diplomacy, and the “liberating solvent” of our culture.

Tim S. gave us an excellent example of this policy in action, an independent film titled, “Chuck Norris vs. Communism.” We haven’t seen the movie, but the point is obvious in the YouTube preview for this independent flick.

You’ll discover both the policy name and the label we prefer, instead of “non-interventionist,” in the column.

Next Up: We’re going to ACT upon this idea, using our new Engage software.

We’re going to begin telling Congress the right way to do regime change.

This is especially important, given that it appears Trump wants to use the tried-and-failed military interventionist approach on North Korea.

One more thing…

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Perry Willis
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