July 17, 2018

If unilateral free trade is too radical for you, try this

Ask President Trump to clarify his trade goals Retweet

Last week, we launched a campaign asking for unilateral free trade. We made some powerful arguments… 

Today’s action relates to that last point. How do we know what Trump really wants?

  • Does he think he can use his trade war to negotiate lower trade barriers later, or…
  • Is he really just an old-fashioned protectionist?

More importantly, what is YOUR strategy?

If you want unilateral free trade then you should use our contact system to ask the politicians to give you that. Or…

If unilateral is too radical for you, but you really do want free trade, then you should use our system ask President Trump to…

  • Make it clear that his goal really is free trade, by constantly saying so
  • Speed-up negotiations so as to limit the damage caused by his current trade war

In other words, President Trump should repeatedly stress the comments he made at the end of the G7 summit when he advocated ending all trade barriers and subsidies.

We have a new campaign that does exactly that. Go review our letter to President Trump. Send it if you agree with it, or put it in your own words.

Help us achieve our goals for this week…

  • Recruit 235 new subscribers THIS WEEK. That means more people, working alongside you in this Downsize DC Army.
  • Raise $101 in new monthly pledges by July 28.
  • Raise $1,225 in new donations by July 28.

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka

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