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June 15, 2015

Close the Bank of Crony Capitalism

The Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) will close June 30, unless Congress takes action to revive it. Please take action to prevent Congress from doing that.
Tell Congress to let the Ex-Im close using's “End Subsidies” campaign. 
The hardwired message says simply…

End all subsidies.

You may borrow from or copy these additional comments…

You can start by letting the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) close on June 30th.
Ex-Im subsidizes foreign companies by giving them low-interest loans for buying certain American products. Unsurprisingly…  
Ex-Im is ravaged by fraud and mismanagement. Honest accounting says it operates at a loss. ( And…
We don't need it. In fact, 98% of trade is financed through private investment, NOT Ex-Im! (
Ex-Im only benefits…
* Businesses that are unlikely to make it on their own, and who want taxpayer bailouts if their overseas ventures fail
* Politically-connected, giant Corporate Welfare Queens like Boeing, GE, and Caterpillar
Ex-Im often TAKES AWAY jobs from Americans! For instance…
Ex-Im loans enable foreign airliners to buy Boeing jets at lower prices. That gives foreign airlines a competitive advantage in international flights over U.S.-based airlines. That's wrong, and…
Free markets, NOT statist planning, are the way to real, lasting job creation and prosperity. That means…
ALL investment should be private and voluntary. There should be NO government banks. So…
Let the Export-Import Bank close!  

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