October 27, 2017

Another Supreme Court success!!

With another potential victory just around the corner

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Our amicus briefs to the Supreme Court have changed the world. Our lawyers have uniquely argued that…

  • The freedom of the PRESS applies to campaign finance laws, and this led directly to the landmark Citizens United ruling.
  • The 4th Amendment primarily protects your right to own property that is secure from warrantless searches, and our argument prevailed in both Jones v. United States and Florida v. Jardines.

Now here comes another victory in the case Collins v. Virginia

We asked the Supreme Court to hear this case. We filed the ONLY amicus brief giving the Court reasons for doing so. And…

The Court has now agreed to consider the case. Congratulations!

To capitalize upon this success, we need to file another brief on the merits of the case.

Can you help by making a contribution? Here’s what’s at stake…

Can the police enter private property without a warrant to search a vehicle parked on that property? A lower court has used a dubious doctrine called “the automobile exception” to argue that they can.

The search in the Collins case was of a motorcycle under a tarp, parked in Collins’ yard. Our brief will argue that…

  • The “automobile exception” was created out of thin air and has no Constitutional basis.
  • The search triply violated the Fourth Amendment by invading Collins’ yard, lifting his tarp from the motorcycle, and then searching the “vehicle.”
  • The property-based precedents established in Jones, and the complementary Jardines case, apply to all three violations.

In short…

  • You own your vehicles the same way you own your house and your yard.
  • Your vehicles are safe from warrantless searches the same way your house is, no matter where they are parked.

Victory in this case would further entrench and extend the precedents established in Jones and Jardines. Our amicus briefs have caused real positive change. Please help us continue this success by contributing to the next brief we must file in the Collins case.

We, at DownsizeDC.org, are partnering with the Downsize DC Foundation, home of the Zero Aggression Project. We’re using their online contribution form so that your donation can be tax-deductible.

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

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