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April 20, 2015

Could you benefit from the FDA while NOT obeying it?

Right now, the FDA is a murderous dictatorship
We have a campaign that would allow doctors, patients, and drug producers to opt-out of the FDA. In other words…

  • If you only wanted to use FDA approved drugs, you could do that.
  • But if you wanted to use a drug that was not yet approved by the FDA, you could do that too.

Please notice…

  • This approach would NOT abolish the FDA.
  • It would merely place the FDA on the same footing as regulatory institutions in the Voluntary Sector.
  • The FDA would have to compete to show that its work has value, just like Underwriters Laboratory does.

This approach has already shown its worth. For instance…

Public pressure allowed HIV drugs to skip the normal FDA approval process. (see pg. 41 of this policy study) Thousands who would otherwise be dead are still alive because of this.

We think this approach — the “opt-out approach” — is the way forward on a number of issues. People should be able to opt-out of things like Social Security, Medicare, and the FDA.
And there’s good news…
More organizations are joining us to move us in that direction, at least on the FDA issue.

If you like these ideas, please take simple actions to support them.
First, sign the “Free to Choose Medicine” petition here.
Second, use our Educate the Powerful System to ask Congress to let people opt-out of the FDA. The hardwired letter for that campaign reads…

Make the FDA advisory, not dictatorial.

You can copy or edit the following for your comments to Congress…

HIV drugs were allowed to bypass most of the FDA approval process. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of people now live who would otherwise be dead. We need to take the same approach to all diseases.


  1. Sign the petition here.
  2. Send your letter to Congress here.

Then, please ask friends and family who agree with you on this issue, to join you in using the Educate the Powerful System to send their message. You can do so by forwarding this message.
Perry Willis
Vice President
Downsize DC

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