February 8, 2019

Trump did something right. Republicans cling to war.

No one is wrong all the time, except perhaps Republican Senators Retweet

President Trump campaigned on the idea of having fewer, self-defeating foreign interventions. He has tried repeatedly, though not consistently, to take steps to honor that campaign pledge. But he has been opposed at every step by deep state forces, including the military industrial complex. 

Now the Republican Senate has also piled on, voting to condemn President Trump’s attempt to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan.

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President Trump is right and the Republican Senate is wrong. We should withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan. Our presence in Islamic countries creates more enemies than it kills. The Military Industrial Complex may love having enemies, but I don’t.

Pull back. Spare American lives. Borrow less money to fund counterproductive military meddling. Reduce the national debt.

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  1. Penni Bulten
    Posted February 10, 2019 at 4:35 am | Permalink

    The GOP does have its dissenters, even in the Senate. The obvious one here is likely to be Rand Paul of Kentucky, but I was surprised to see Marco Rubio on the list. Ten senators in all affirmed the President’s position, not bad considering how the leadership in both parties pressures party members to vote in lock step. At least in the RNC dissent is to some degree accepted- if you dissent from the DNC on moral grounds (at least where abortion on demand is concerned), you had better be an incumbent, and you will be in a tinier minority group than anti-interventionist Republicans. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/11/joe-donnelly-pro-life-democrats-congress-midterms.html

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