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August 7, 2015

Did U.S. politicians create ISIS?

Did your so-called government purposely create #ISIS?

Our previous message argued that…

  • Legitimate government only uses force defensively — police and courts defend us against domestic criminals while the military defends us against foreign criminals.
  • But illegitimate government initiates force to make innocent people do things against their will.

We also argued that…

  • Initiated force is criminal, even when done by government.
  • Any organization that routinely commits crimes cannot really be viewed as a crime fighter.
  • Our current government is therefore illegitimate, and unworthy of being called a government.

We suggested alternative names, so that it was clear this ruling institution wasn’t behaving like an actual government… Political government, so-called government, or simply The State.

We ended with the following observation about military defense…

The moral legitimacy of defensive force permits more than self-defense. It also allows us to defend others. So…

Why do most libertarians oppose foreign intervention? Today we answer that question.

There are four traditional reasons…

  1. Wars are tax-funded. Taxes require the initiation of force. This is morally illegitimate. It forces some people to fund wars that they consider immoral. This violates personal conscience.
  2. Taxes are impractical. They insulate “government” from the need to perform well. This encourages bad results. In other words, foreign interventions would be morally permissible, and would probably work better too, if they were voluntarily funded.
  3. War is the health of The State. The scholar Robert Higgs has shown that war is a primary driver of The State’s growth.
  4. War is ineffective. History teaches us that most wars, including most U.S. wars, were fought for evil purposes or led to evil outcomes.

That last point will come as a surprise to most Americans, but it’s true — nearly all U.S. wars have been

  • Fought for reasons of conquest.
  • Based on fraudulent claims.
  • Conducted so as to cause more problems than they solved.

These factors lead most libertarians to conclude that tax-funded political “government” should NOT be allowed to fight wars of foreign intervention. Here’s the latest example….

New evidence shows that U.S. politicians helped create ISIS

This evidence is described in the letter to Congress below. We hope you’ll send this letter to your own elected “reps” using Downsize DC’s campaign opposing foreign intervention. The hardwired letter to Congress reads…

Defend America only. Do not manipulate or police the world.

Please copy or edit the following for your personal comments…

I think your foreign interventions do more harm than good. The examples are many. Here’s the latest…

Please read this recently declassified Pentagon document:

It shows that the U.S. intentionally armed Al-qaeda groups in Syria for the purpose of overthrowing the Assad government.

Equally bad, government officials knew this action would lead to an Islamic State in Syria. In other words…

They knew it would cause the rise of what we now know as ISIS!

It’s long been suspected that the U.S. armed and trained ISIS forces. Now we have the smoking gun.

It seems that you purposely create enemies for the American people, so as to scare and control us. But let me tell you who really scares me…


I’ve come to believe my so-called government is either completely evil, or completely incompetent, and probably both.

I deny consent. End all foreign interventions now.

I’ll be sharing this information widely and watching what you do.


Send your letter using Downsize DC’s quick and easy Educate the Powerful System.

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Thanks for serving the cause of legitimate governance,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka

Co-founders, Downsize DC

P.S. You can listen to the archive of Jim Babka’s guest-hosting, yesterday, on the Gary Nolan Show.

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