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February 28, 2013

Do You Want REAL Federal Spending Cuts?

Quote of the Day: “Government spending is taxation.” — Arthur Laffer

The so-called “sequester” will happen tomorrow. But federal spending will still increase, even after these “cuts.” Is that what you want? To impose REAL spending cuts, Congress must…

Never again raise the debt ceiling!

We wrote Congress asking for this using our Cap the Debt campaign. We invite you to do the same.

You may borrow from or copy this letter…

I'm not panicked by “sequestration.” I’m disappointed by it. The so-called “draconian” cuts will only reduce…..

* domestic spending to 2009 levels
* defense spending to 2007 levels — which is still many times China's military budget.

And federal spending will actually INCREASE by $2.39 trillion over ten years. (

I DENY CONSENT to this increase! I demand immediate, real, and lasting cuts.


Because most of what you do is MORALLY ILLEGITIMATE. Criminal.

How can I tell?

Because you would call me a criminal if I did them.

* I can't kill except in self-defense; but you murder constantly.
* I can't hold my neighbors against their will because I dislike what they ingest; but you do it.
* I can't run a Ponzi scheme like Social Security.
* I can't threaten violence against people to fund my activities the way you do.
* I can't threaten violence to make businesses operate the way I prefer, but your unelected “regulators” do.


* I can't counterfeit currency, but the Federal Reserve does.
* I can't borrow money forever, but you think you can.

The debt ceiling “deadline” is May 18. Don’t raise it. Maintain it. That will balance the budget instantly, with NO dire consequences…..

* You'll still have enough to pay the troops and entitlements. 
* But you'll have to repeal wasteful, criminal, immoral laws and programs.
* And make deep cuts to the bloated, corrupt, imperial Pentagon.

You won't do this, of course. You'll claim you favor reducing the deficit, or fiscal responsibility, or some pie-in-the-sky balanced budget amendment, but only so you can avoid taking real action, like refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

But that's okay too. Your continued devotion to criminality will serve as another example to support the message I'm sharing with my friends and neighbors. More and more people are seeing the illegitimacy of what you do.

Your institution must conform to basic moral axioms like the Golden Rule and the Zero Aggression Principle. You must stop initiating force to get your way. Do this soon, or the people will have to institute new forms of government. Either way, justice will prevail.  


You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

You can support the Educate the Powerful System using our secure contribution form.

Thank you for your participation. Remember to share your letter with interested friends. You can awaken them to the violence and criminality inherent in the system.

Jim Babka & James Wilson
President & Policy Research Director, Inc.

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