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October 16, 2012

Do You Want to Fight Turkey’s War?

Quote of the Day: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.” – Thomas Jefferson

Turkey started a war with Syria, and now wants the U.S. to fight it.

Thanks to our NATO membership, we just might.

Is that what you want?

Please join me in telling Congress we don’t want another war, using’s Stop Policing the World campaign.

The hardwired message says…

Defend America only. Do not manipulate or police the world.

You may borrow from or copy these additional comments…

The first step? Withdraw from NATO.

Europe’s politicians use NATO to start wars – relying on our military.

To please them, you warred against Serbia and Libya, countries that…

        * never threatened us.
        * didn’t attack any NATO country.
        * didn’t even affect vital interests.

Is Syria next?

Turkey, a NATO “ally,” is meddling in Syria’s civil war, even hosting rebel camps. When bombs from Syria fell on their land, Turkey’s rulers called it an “attack” and demanded a NATO response.

Another “incident” could drag us in. Remember, it didn’t take much to start World War I. (

What would war on Syria look like?

        * You’d side with mysterious rebels having Al Qaeda ties, just like Libya.
        * You’d replace a brutal but secular dictatorship with an Islamic “democracy” from which Christians and other non-Muslims must flee, just like Iraq.
        * You’d grow once-secular, now Islamic Turkey’s influence in the region – on my dime.

Where’s the benefit? War means…

        * More debt.
        * Endangered troops.
        * More debt.
        * Death and destruction to civilian populations with my tax dollars.
        * More debt.

I do not consent!

NATO used to be a defensive alliance. Now it commits aggression.

As an American, I’m ashamed.

Draw the line: Prevent war funding on Syria.

And more importantly…

Withdraw from NATO!


You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

James Wilson
Policy Research Director, Inc.

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