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November 27, 2012

Do You Want to Reach 270,000 People?

We have a rare opportunity to reach and recruit from a list of 270,000 people.

We want to contact this group with two different messages . . .

  • One message will pitch Ron Paul's “Free Competition in Currency Act.”
  • The other message will pitch our lever bills — Read the Bills, Write the Laws, and One Subject

We want to recruit people to help us find someone on Capitol Hill to take over sponsorship of the “Free Competition in Currency Act” after Ron Paul leaves office.

We also want to continue expanding the number of sponsors we have for our own bills.

There are 300 million Americans. What percentage of them do you think would agree with our Downsize DC bills, if only they knew about them?

Even 1% agreement would amount to a staggering 3 million people.

Don’t you think we should be able to find more people to tell Congress that they want Read the Bills, Write the Laws, and One Subject?

We think so. And this list of 270,000 is full of people who ought to agree with us.

It will cost us $5,000 to send one message to this list. And another $5,000 to send the other message. But think about the potential long-term value . .

  • How many of those 270,000 do you think are likely to join YOU in supporting our bills or Ron Paul's currency act?
  • These new alliances MUST be worth more than the investment! 

But we don’t have the budget to do this. In fact, we're $3,960 short of what we need to meet our next payroll.

Remember, we're spending more than usual because we're doing more than usual. We're building lots of powerful new tools, some of which you've now had an opportunity to test, like our new Deny Consent software

But the list of 270,000 limited government supporters is available to us now, so we want to act on it now. Can you help us do this?

Please consider . . .

We think we need to do new things to get different results. We’re trying to do that.

If you want us to do all of these new things, please contribute using our secure form.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. Contributions of all sizes are helpful, especially monthly pledges. But we've had two major donors retire recently, so it would be really helpful if one person could help fill that hole with a donation of $5,000. Please consider being that donor.

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