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April 30, 2006

Downsize DC Conference Call – April 30, 2006 edition

My show today focused on the Insane War on Drugs. It’s an education, really. Something you can share with friends. I think we covered an awful lot of ground in the 40 minutes we had.

Because I don’t have all the emerging details at my mental-fingertips, I was joined by John Holowak**, an indepedent film director, who created the film, “HIGH: The true tale of American Marijuana.” Presently, they are looking for a distributor.

Three stories inspired me that now was the time for this program.

  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Lester Eugene Siler
  • Cory Maye

Limbaugh, well, his story is everywhere. My take on el Rushbo is unique. I’m not going to spoil the surprise. You’ll want to listen for yourself, using the “attachment” link at the end of this blog entry.

Eugene Siler was tortured by drug enforcement officers for over two hours because he refused to sign a waiver of his rights (and the waiver says he signed it of his own free will, without duress). The officers involved would’ve gotten away with it, as others have, except for the blessing that his wife secretly taped the first 45 minutes.

Here is the transcript if you’re timid. Here is the recording if you have a stronger constitution.

Cory Maye is on death row, probably unjustly, because police broke into his house in the middle of the night, he got scared, and shot the first person who stormed into his bedroom, where he was hiding with his infant daughter. When they identified themselves as police officers, he immediately surrendered. It didn’t help his case that he lacked the resources for good attorneys and that he was black. We’ve talked about him on this blog before. Don’t take my word for it. Radly Balko is the expert source on this subject to read starting here, then here, here, and here. You can even see a photo Cory, as well as his daughter who is now six years old.


Even though the message was a wee-bit stronger than the Marijuana Policy Project’s current message, the show was basically one big MPP Update.

Last week, I told you about state level victories by Gun Owners of America. This week, I gave you the Federal Report. For details, click here.

**John Holowak wrote me after the show: “On the program, I think I said 2-3 million were in prison because of drug charges. I meant to say 1-2 million, so if you could correct that, I’d appreciate it.” John, consider it done. Thanks for helping me with this show.

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