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December 12, 2006

Downsize DC Conference Call – December 10, 2006 edition

Richard Maybury was my guest. The show was conducted in tribute to Jack I Mullen III, better known to friends and family as “Jackie.” Jackie was the son of Downsize DC Foundation Chair Jack Mullen and Richard Maybury was his favorite writer. Harry Browne was also a big fan of Maybury.

An hour just wasn’t enough. Seriously. Buy this guy’s newsletter (or his books) and tell him Jim Babka sent you. The material in his newsletter is wonderfully written, easy to read, and jam packed with information and sound analysis. I don’t give out that praise lightly.

But I would like to see him get so much new business from appearing on my program that HE begs me to come back on my show again. More info at:

My thanks to my sponsors,, Gun Owners of America”, and the Marijuana Policy Project.

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