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September 3, 2010

Downsize DC has Resumed Operations

Quote of the Day: “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” — Thomas Paine (1737-1809) Source: Common Sense, February 14, 1776

Thank you to everyone who made contributions over the past two days.

As a result of your support we’ve gone from being at our worst cash position all year, to nearly our best.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Many of you are probably getting ready for your Labor Day weekend. But we want you to know that we’re back to work.

We’d also like to entice you to maybe do just a little “labor” with us today. Here’s the reason . . .

We have a four month streak going: We’ve exceeded the number of new registrations and letters to Congress from the previous month. We’d like to make it five months in a row by exceeding our August numbers. But this will be a little difficult because we went two business days without action-oriented Dispatches, and because we have this holiday weekend. So, if you could send a letter to Congress today, you’ll give us a fighting chance at a five month streak.

More Progress!

Your letter could be about any of our campaigns, but we would recommend doing one on our longest standing issue, and partially successful campaign — Repeal REAL ID. Yes, we’ve fought Real ID for six years now, and it still has yet to be implemented! Resistance has been strong.

Here’s the letter I sent using our Educate the Powerful System . . .

You may think it’s your job to protect me from boogeymen.

You may think that because the 9-11 Commission recommended we have a nationalized ID card, that we’ve just got to have some ID system to fill the bill.

You may have even begun to think that dictators who required their citizens to carry their “papers” from checkpoint to checkpoint, were on to something.

But instead, I urge you to take your wisdom from Benjamin Franklin who wrote, “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither liberty nor Safety.”  

The problem with the Real ID Act is that it doesn’t even provide Temporary Safety. If a terrorist cell must forge identities to carry out their nefarious mission, then, quite simply, they will.

And if you nationalize ID, you will make the forgery of this “super ID” the holy grail of the black market — the very profitable focus of considerable criminal energies. I wouldn’t be surprised if fake “Real IDs” become incredibly easy to obtain — even common. Heck, you might even be creating the very black market that will make a terrorist’s job easier! 

This is an expensive, pointless, anti-American exercise. We’ve had time to grow up since 9-11. Let’s act like it, instead of trading liberty for false security. I urge you to repeal the Real ID Act, and replace it with NOTHING. We don’t want “Real ID-lite.” 

If you take the lead on this, you will get a national following from the considerably-effective, grassroots-base of Americans who’ve kept this bill from being implemented, first by the original May, 2008 deadline, and then by the revised December, 2009 deadline.

There’s another deadline coming in May, and we’re watching. Will you be a hero for Essential Liberty?


Thanks again for your support. Enjoy your long weekend. And we’ll see you on the other side.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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