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September 23, 2006

Drug Czar Admits Marijuana is Safe

The Drug Czar’s propaganda campaigns are getting more and more ridiculous. Utterly defeated on the argument that marijuana is dangerous – particularly in comparison to legal substances like alcohol and tobacco – our Office of National Drug Control Policy is left telling us that we shouldn’t smoke pot because it makes us lazy. So, we should go to jail for being lazy?

One commercial has a teenage boy sitting on a couch talking about how marijuana is safe. How it won’t kill you, how you won’t get started on heroin the next day, how going ice skating with your girlfriend is safer, etc.

His two friends were just sitting there on the couch with him, doing nothing. The kid gets up and says something like, “But I think I’ll take my chances out there.”

That’s it! That’s the message. Pot makes you do nothing.

Of course, many people with painful, debilitating diseases are already “doing nothing.” Some of that marijuana might lessen the pain and allow them to get up and do something. The Drug Czar has no case against using marijuana for medical purposes.

That’s why suported the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment that would have stopped federal prosecution of medical marijuana users in states where it’s legal. And we will support it the next time it is introduced.

And these silly propaganda campaigns are the primary reason we seek to depose the Drug Czar.

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