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January 16, 2012

ECONOMIC FREEDOM: America is NOT #1 on this list, but it should be

Quote of the Day: “No man has ever ruled other men for their own good.” — George Herron (1862-1925)

Hooray! We’re number ten! Nine other nations are more economically free than the United States. Should we be proud or angry that politicians have taken so heavily regulated away our prosperity?

I’ve written a very passionate letter that might not be appropriate in all Congressional districts, using’s “Obey the Constitution” campaign.

The hardwired letter to Congress for that campaign reads . . .

Please obey the Constitution’s limits on federal power.

To this I added the following spirited comments . . .

Your obedience to your oath of office is especially important to me given the latest Index of Economic Freedom, compiled by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal. You can find an overview of that report here:

I’m furious to see that the United States ranks ONLY number 10 on the list. We should be number one. The fact that we are NOT number one is YOUR FAULT.

If you obeyed your oath to the Constitution then we would be number one, easily. It is only your willful law-breaking, and that of your partners in crime in Congress, that has allowed us to slip so far.

I fire companies that fail to please me. I really wish I could fire you.

I am all-powerful as a consumer but almost completely powerless as a citizen.

* I have to get 50-plus-percent of the people in my area to agree on your replacement before I can get rid of you.
* And I have to get that many people in the entire country to agree just to get rid of unlawful programs that I DO NOT WANT.

* If I’m successful, I get a booby prize — a new set of politicians who will be gangsters, just like the old set.

Please take note that there is NO institution in the Voluntary Sector that works this way. It is only the Coercive Sector — The State — that works in this matter.

All I can do is withdraw my consent. Let me be very clear about this . . .

You do not have my consent to govern me.

You have no legitimate power, because I will delegate none to you.

If you want to correct this situation and restore some of your legitimacy, then you must . . . 

* start obeying the Constitution. This means that you must ONLY do things that are among the enumerated powers granted in the Constitution.

* abide by a correct, narrow interpretation of the Commerce Clause, which was only intended to create a free trade zone among the states. It was NOT meant to permit you to regulate peaceful, honest economic activities.

If you take these steps, then America will be number one again. If you do NOT take these steps, then “we the people” will be forced to “alter or abolish you.”

Do not fool yourself. Peaceful but fundamental change is coming. The days of the gangster-politician are numbered.


You can send a letter of your own, borrowing from my personal comments if you want, using’s Educate the Powerful System.

Please share this message with others, by forwarding it, and promoting it via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. These actions make the uprising grow.

Do you appreciate this plain, non-euphemistic talk? Please consider making a contribution to further this work.

Perry Willis
Co-founder, Inc.

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