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September 19, 2008

Educate the Public


“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”- Pericles

SUBJECT: Educate the Powerful, Educate the Public

With just a few extra mouse-clicks you can become more powerful. These few extra mouse-clicks will empower you to Educate the Public, and recruit more Downsizers, in much the same way that you now Educate the Powerful using our online system. I’ll tell you how to perform these few extra mouse-clicks below. This is important because . . .

Americans are concerned about the direction of the country, but they’re also busy. Many people don’t think they have time to “get involved.” And they don’t believe they can make a difference anyway.

That may have been true in the past, when activism meant knocking on doors, organizing party chapters, and going to rallies and marches.

But Americans do have time and they can make a difference. It’s much simpler than they think.

They just need to hear about’s free Educate the Powerful System (EPS) is a quick-and-easy method which the American people can use to . . .

* refom Congress,
* restore our civil liberties,
* cut government spending and slash taxes

(You can see a list of our campaigns here.)

As more people use the EPS, it will be exponentially more effective. There is power in numbers. If a Congressman receives several hundred-thousand messages demanding passage of the Read the Bills Act, it becomes more likely he will not only support it, but also claim that he has ALWAYS supported it.

We really don’t care who in Congress takes the credit, we just want them to follow our agenda. The more of us they hear from, the more likely they will listen. The more we apply relentless, resistance-numbing pressure on Congress, the sooner Congress will bend to our will.

We at greatly appreciate all of our subscribers, and thank you for participating in our campaigns. We have had 13 victories in the past three years. But for our new Educate the Powerful System to reach its potential, and for positive, fundamental change to come to America, we must also Educate the Public.

This means spreading the Downsize DC message. This means attracting more people to the site, where they can then use our Educate the Powerful System.

Educating the Public is easy. We’ve done all the work, and all you need to do is help spread the word with just a few clicks and optional comments. All you have to do is . . .

Sign up for a Digg account.

And then go to and click the Digg button on our most recent blog entries.

Digg is a site in which users share interesting content from the Web. By “Digging” the Dispatches and posts at the Downsize DC blog, you’ll increase our exposure at a site with 20-25 million unique visitors per month.

Moreover, we encourage you to circulate our emailed Dispatches to friends, and promote our blog posts and Dispatches on your own blog or website. If you use MySpace or Facebook you can also let your friends know about us by becoming a friend of Downsize DC:

* MySpace:

* Facebook:

To sum up, you have the power to Educate the Powerful AND Educate the People in just a few minutes per day:

1. Read the Downsizer-Disptach that comes to your inbox.
2. Contact Congress using our Educate the Powerful System regarding the topic in the Dispatch.
3. Go to, Digg the latest Dispatch and enjoy our other educational blog items.
4. Forward the Dispatch to friends, and/or promote our Dispatches and blog posts on your own blog or personal web page.

Who’d have thought changing America would be so easy?

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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