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January 31, 2007

Fantastic Start

We stated our theme for 2007: AGGRESSIVE ACTION!

January lived up to it. We . . .

* Made our monthly budget goal in nine days. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that again?

* Set a new mark for messages to Congress — 45,024

* Had our 9th best month for recruitment with 651 new Downsizers (yes, only three months were better last year).

* Exceeded January of last year by 39,078 messages to Congress, and 461 new recruits

* Delayed a vote in the House on regulating grassroots organizations like

* Defeated these grassroots regulations in the Senate,

* Proved the concept that we can join liberals, conservatives, and libertarians to work together for common goals and actually force Congress to change direction

* Started advertising the “Read the Bills Act” — our first ad will appear on at any moment, and more are set to follow (we’ll let you know when our ad is up on the website)

* Raised our monthly pledges up over $6,500 . . .

Now we want to do even more in February. Starting tomorrow we’re going to tackle the biggest issue of them all — the war in Iraq, and the need to restore a rational and secure foreign policy. What else will February bring?

That’s up to you. What you support, we do.

We haven’t done much fundraising lately. We pushed hard for a while, made a lot of progress, and then gave it a break. Now we need to push hard again. Tomorrow starts a new month with new needs, challenges, and opportunities. We can’t do it without you. But we’ve made it very easy for it to be done . . .

* Most organizations spend in a month, just to keep their doors open, what we spend in a year.

* Plus, we’re the only organization we know of that combines education, recruitment, and action into one seamless, low cost process. We deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

* We don’t spend a lot of your money on direct mail and telemarketing, expending money to raise money. These low-cost emails are just about the only way we raise funds, so that nearly all of your contributions go directly to our mission.

* And it will get even better once we have $14,000 per month in secure funding, because most of every dollar raised above that amount will go to advertising to spread the word further and faster, and make us larger and stronger. This will increase the power of YOUR voice.

We are a true grassroots organizations, funded by the grassroots. Our efficient approach allows you to have a big impact, for as little as a dime a day. You can start a monthly credit card pledge for as little as $3.

Many pledge $8, $10, $15, or $25. Some are pledging even more. One clever supporter is contributing $148 per month, which equals $1,776 per year. Our top pledger gives $250 per month on his credit card. Please join us with a monthly, credit card pledge.

Or . . .
You can make a one-time contribution. In order to reach our modest goal of $14,000 for the month, we really need to see at least one person who gives $2,000 or more or two people who give at least $1,000. Are you one of those people?

$500, $250, $100, or $76 contributions are also very, very helpful. But every bit counts, and you can can help us succeed.

We make a little go a long way. And we can make a lot go even further. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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