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July 31, 2007

Fear deadline

Today’s Downsizer Dispatch . . .

Please share with concerned friends . . .

Subject: Making illegal things legal using fear and fraud, plus other urgent stuff

President Bush wants Congress to legalize his illegal spying on Americans. The current vehicle for doing this is HR 3138. The fuel for driving this vehicle is fear and fraud.

Recently, the TSA reported that terrorists have been conducting dry runs in airports preparatory to a new attack. These supposed dry runs were no such thing. One involved a leaky ice-bottle, the other involved Wisconsin cheese in a suitcase next to cell phone equipment.

The TSA determined immediately that they were NOT dry runs, but a report was leaked to the media saying the exact opposite. We assert that these false reports were designed to induce fear.

If Americans can be made to feel fear, another power grab can be justified. Legalizing illegal spying is the power grab that’s on the table at the moment. There’s a push to pass HR 3138 before the Congressional recess. If we can keep this from happening now we have a great chance of preventing it forever.

Reject fear. Reject fraud. Make Congress fear you instead. Send them a message telling them you oppose HR 3138.

The campaign we have for this issue is somewhat obsolete, and we don’t have time to update it. But it doesn’t matter — you can still use it to send a message to Congress. Just add to your personal comments that you oppose HR 3138.

You can do that here.

We must also keep telling Congress we want them to restore habeas corpus and dismantle the military tribunals. Tell them you support . . .

* S. 576 to dismantle the military tribunals
* S. 185 to restore habeas corpus

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