November 14, 2017

Find the people who want what you want

November 14ths…

How we can get better at taking “Yes!” for an answer

It’s easy to recognize the people who disagree with us. But, as our own Perry Willis has explained elsewhere, there are tens of millions of people who actually agree with you. He gave facts to show that there are 64 million people with predominantly libertarian views. They’re overlooked because most of them are inactive/inert.

How can we locate them and change their status to active? We increasingly think that the answer has two parts… 

  1. Focus on subjects people are already thinking about — issues in the news.
  2. Tell people what your position is on that issue and give them a chance to take action.

In other words, find the people who already agree and who want to say “Yes!” to your strategy.

That’s what we’re doing with our new Flash Campaigns [one shown later in this message]. And it’s working! We recruited…

  • 46 new subscribers in the week ending November 4
  • 49 new subscribers in the week ending November 11

We achieved those results by creating three Flash Campaigns in social media and spending just $14 on advertising, each of those weeks. That money had a leveraged effect because the subjects we chose were getting millions of dollars in free advertising from the news media. So…

If you’ll permit us to expand the amount we invest in advertising, we get both increased leverage and recruitment. Increasing recruitment is the key to gaining the strength we’ll need to pass things like the “One Subject at a Time Act.”

We can supply the activity to create new Flash Campaigns. But to expand the advertising, we must turn to you.

Actually, we were just doing some calculations based on our historical experience…

It appears that for every $9 you give, we can acquire a new donor who will give $12 by this time next year. And that new supporter will help us reach another contributor, just like them!

Growing the Downsize DC Army then is merely a decision. How many new supporters do I wish to attract? 

  • Your one-time donation is a matter of multiplication.
  • Or you could start a monthly pledge.

Please consider making a one-time donation or starting a monthly pledge so we can expand the Downsize DC Army by increasing our advertising. Each new person recruited brings us one step closer to downsizing DC.

And take action on our Flash Campaigns if you haven’t already. We need to constantly increase the pressure we exert on Congress.

Tell Congress to end warrantless spying

The USA Liberty Act would extend FISA section 702 which permits the Feds to spy on your electronic communications activities without a warrant. Section 702 is scheduled to sunset at year-end. Instruct your reps to let that happen. – Use Downsize DC to send your letter
– See the reactions this Flash Campaign is getting on Facebook

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. Contributions to are NOT tax-deductible. If tax-deductibility is more important to you than whether or not we spend the funds building Downsize DC’s Army, our sister organization (which manages the Zero Aggression Project and the Political Conscience Test) is using similar techniques and can use your support. Receipts are issued in late-January.

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