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July 29, 2013

Four Great News Items, and Other Good Signs for the Future

Last week was a great week for our cause. For starters, Congress passed two good amendments…

Both are things for which DC Downsizers campaigned. Congratulations!

Yet there’s more…

  • The Mulvaney (SC) and Van Hollen (MD) Amendment cut $3.5 billion off a proposed increase to the budget for the War on Terror.
  • An Amendment by Paul Broun (GA) prohibits the Defense Department from funding drone surveillance over the United States.

This last item passed by such a wide margin that it was done with a voice vote.

Do you notice the theme of these four victories?

They could represent a turning-of-the-tide against endless wars and meddling.

I can’t remember the last time the Military Industrial Complex lost these kinds of votes. But there’s more…

All of this would have been unimaginable four years ago. Or maybe even two years ago. And even the one key vote we lost last week was still a significant step forward….

The Amash amendment would have defunded the NSA’s mass-surveillance of the American people.

  • Downsize DC worked with three overlapping coalitions to pass this amendment.
  • But even though we lost the vote 217 to 205, my email inbox was full of CELEBRATION, from other coalition members, marveling at how close we came to winning.

And I think this defeat is only temporary. I predict this amendment will pass in a future vote, because the pressure on Congress won’t go away, it will only increase.

So be of good cheer. Change is possible. As long as we keep pushing. Speaking of which…

The month-end is here, and Downsize DC is still $2,711 short of what we need to pay our bills. Do you value the services we provide, and the progress we’re making? Can you help us cover our month-end shortfall?

It would be fantastic if one person could cover the whole amount, but it’s more likely we’ll need at least one $1,000 donation, one $500, a few at $250, several at $100, and the rest rounded out by donations of $75, $50, $25, and $10. Any amount will help.

Please contribute here if you possibly can.

Thanks for your support, and the role you played in achieving these victories.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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