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April 26, 2008

Free Talk on Downsize DC

I’m traveling this weekend. So Ian and Mark of Free Talk Live agreed to host my Sunday radio show, the Downsize DC Conference Call.

Free Talk Live is a show hosted by long-time DC Downsizers, heard on more than 30 stations around the U.S., Monday thru Saturday. Their format is simple — they want you to call them. You choose the topic. That’s when the fun begins on Free Talk Live.

I have no idea what they have planned today, save for an update from my sponsor, Gun Owners of America.

My guess is that they want you to call them! That’s pretty insightful, isn’t it?

The number is 1-800-259-9231. 

The TWO HOUR show starts at 3:06 PM Eastern (2:06 PM Central, 1:06 PM Mountain, and 12:06 PM Pacific).

You can listen live online at

Or you can listen live on these stations,

* WCER 900-AM Canton, Ohio
* WBCR 1470-AM Maryville, Tennessee
* KLID 1340-AM, Poplar Bluff, Missouri
* KGEZ 600-AM, Great Falls, Montana

And now, my network, Genesis Communications provides a podcast of the show, available a couple of hours after it goes off air.

My thanks to Ian and Mark.

And Happy Listening to you,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Conference Call

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