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February 17, 2011

Freedom Isn’t Free

In Georgia, a bill would give “communities a vote whether to allow Sunday beer, wine and liquor sales at stores.”

Presently, Georgia bans store sales of these beverages on Sunday, although in many parts of the state they can be sold at bars, restaurants, and ballparks.

Opposition to this bill – that is, people who want to retain the ban – include social conservatives such as members of the Christian Coalition.

But they’re not the only ones. The new law is also opposed by . . . liquor store owners!

You see, supermarkets and convenience stores are open on Sunday anyway; they’re just not allowed to sell alcohol. Liquor stores, however, have had no reason to be open on Sunday because alcohol is  primarily what they sell. The owners can take the day off.

But if Sunday alcohol sales are legal, they will have to open just to prevent the convenience stores and supermarkets from taking all the business. They will have to do this even though many of them think they will lose money by opening on Sundays.

Well, nobody said the transition from Statism to freedom would be convenient for everyone. You may . . .

  • Dislike what other people do to their bodies, or with each other
  • Be offended by how other people spend their money
  • Pay more for some things that were previously under State price controls

And, if you are a Georgia liquor store employee . . .

  • You might have to work more hours

As they say, “Freedom isn’t free.”

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