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June 26, 2009

Goals and Deadlines, like Cap & Trade

Quote of the Day: “When cryptography is outlawed, bayl bhgynjf jvyy unir cevinpl!” — Brad Templeton

Subject: Goals and deadlines – Plus, House May Vote on Cap & Trade today!

Constant progress means inevitable success. If we relentlessly increase…

* The size of our army
* The amount of pressure we exert on Congress
* The amount of funding we have available to do outreach, education, and recruitment

…then we cannot help but reach the point where we can overwhelm Congress and make our message heard by everyone, everywhere, every day

Toward this end we strive to consistently accomplish more each month than we did the previous month. We have 3 work days left in June, so it’s time to bear down and make sure we meet our goals for the month. Here’s where we stand…

* 610 new people registered to use our Educate the Powerful system in May. As of today 689 have done so in June, meaning that we’ve already exceeded our May result by 79 new users! Congratulations and thank you!

* We sent 36,512 messages to Congress last month. As of today we’ve sent 36,443 messages in June. Today, we MUST break that number because…

The US House of Representatives will soon (perhaps as early as today) vote on the big environmental bill known as “Cap & Trade”. Many economists are calling this the biggest tax increase in U.S. history. It will increase energy costs dramatically, raising the price of everything we buy. TAKE ACTION NOW using’s proprietary, Educate the Powerful System.

* We recruited 424 net new subscribers in May. As of today we’ve recruited 447 in June. That means we’ve already exceeded our goal for the month by 23 net new army members, and we should do even better than that before the month ends. Congratulations and thank you.

* Net growth for the year now stands at 1,526 and the Downsize DC Army now stands at 25,875

* The best news of all is that the growth of the Downsize DC Army is accelerating. It took us 176 days to grow from 24,000 to 25,000, but we’ve now grown 75% of the way from 25k to 26k in just 57 days.

We’re also very close to reaching our funding goals for June. We recruited 12 new monthly pledgers in May. So far in June we also have 12, but we need at least 1 more to exceed what we did last month. Please be the person to push us over the top by starting a new monthly pledge.

Your monthly pledge can be as low as $5, which is just 17 cents per day, but pledging more would allow us to do more. When you start your pledge on our secure contribution form, please let us know if we can advertise your support here:

NEW MONTHLY PLEDGERS IN JUNE: Maggie Culver, Ginny Rober, Dwight E. Baker, David H. Abernathy, John Murphy, Jeremiah J Blanchard, FIVE unlisted — IN MAY: Don Matesz, Silvy Berman, David Jones, Barbara Baxter, Nancy Kovar, Ryan Ackroyd, WM Michael O’Brien, John C Houghton, James Alan Speedie, THREE unlisted

Or, if you prefer a one time gift, we still need 5 more contributions to exceed the 21 we received in May.

Please let us know on our secure contribution form if its okay to advertise your support here:

NEW ONE TIME DONORS IN JUNE: Kraig Clark, Autumn Browne, David Morris, Victoria Pate, Patricia Barnum, Dwight E Baker, Rick Slusher, Dr. R.S. Gillinson, Edward J Krieger, Jan Berridge, EIGHT unlisted — IN MAY: Dorothy Davis, Arlene Lindstrand, Dee Clary, Joan Garro, Jennifer Tarling, Richard Linchitz, Steven Palmer, Bruce N. Liddel, Ernest P. Eusea, Chris Reulman, David Anthony, Christopher T Wagner, Thomas Sartwelle, Jr, EIGHT unlisted

We are constantly growing larger and stronger. If we keep doing this then success is inevitable. If we can do more faster then our success will also happen faster. Everything we do depends on you. Thank you for your support.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. Today (Friday), Jim Babka is scheduled to appear on “Straight Talk w/ Jerry Hughes,” starting at 3:05 PM Eastern. Listening details can be found on the blog.

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