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January 11, 2010

Healthcare: Did Obama’s Press Secretary just tell you to “eat cake?”

Congressional leaders, and many in the media, would like you to believe that the cancerous health care bill is a done deal. Not so. In fact, the next three weeks will be critical as the House and Senate try to resolve the differences between their two bills. These differences are one reason we could still win. Here’s another . . .

Many members of Congress are in a panic because the public opposition to these bills is so broad and so intense. They fear losing their jobs in the coming election. Their fear is well placed. Here, for instance, is just one list of House members who could be defeated because of their vote on this bill.

By pushing so hard to pass this hated legislation the Democratic Congressional leadership is showing their disdain, not only for the American people, but also for Democratic members of Congress who may lose their jobs because of it. Our best bet is to show members of Congress that they need to be more loyal to voters and taxpayers than to their partisan leadership.

This is important now, for the Democrats, and in the future for the Republicans, who were just as guilty of blindly following their leaders when they controlled Congress. It’s important to tell members from both parties that they need to start representing us, NOT their party’s so-called leaders.

Even if you’ve sent several letters in the past on this issue, it’s important to keep doing it. Please do so now.

You can borrow from or copy the letter I sent to my Democratic House Rep., and my two Republican Senators . . .

Please scrap the healthcare bill, or prepare to suffer the consequences at the polls. We voters got rid of the Republicans, and we can get rid of the Democrats too. We can just keep firing incumbents as long as it takes to beat some humility and common sense into you people. This applies equally to both parties.

We are tired of your arrogance. Here’s the latest example of it that really ticks me off . . .

C-SPAN asked to be allowed to televise the reconciliation hearings on the healthcare bill. The request was rejected. Then, President Obama’s Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, added insult to injury by saying the following about C-SPAN’s request:

“I don’t think there’s anyone who would say there hasn’t been a thorough, robust debate on healthcare. I do not believe the American people have lacked for information on what’s in these bills.”

This is akin to Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake” prior to the French Revolution. Remember how that worked out for her.

We know Congressional leaders will be making back-room deals during the reconciliation negotiations, and that our tax dollars will be used for bribes to buy votes. THIS is why the negotiations NEED to be televised. And members of Congress need to stop blindly following their partisan leadership, and start being loyal to the Constitution and the people they represent.

Televise the reconciliation hearings. Better yet, vote down the healthcare bill.


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