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June 19, 2012

Healthcare: Do you want choice or coercion?

On June 7, the House passed a bill tweaking Obamacare to give you a bit more freedom.

We support these developments. But we want Congress to strike at the root, and challenge Washington DC to embrace choice over liberty in all aspects of healthcare.

That's why I sent a letter telling Congress using's Consumer Controlled Healthcare campaign.

We urge you to do the same. You may borrow from or copy this letter…

I support HR 436, which would…

* repeal an excise tax on medical devices.
* allow over-the-counter drugs to be purchased using Health Savings Accounts, Medical Savings Accounts, and Flexible Spending Accounts.
* let unspent funds in Flexible Savings Accounts roll over from year to year.

These reforms to Obamacare would decrease some costs and allow more choice for the consumer.

But I won't be satisfied until the State stops damaging healthcare through its myriad interventions…

* State licensing requirements reduce the supply of healers.
* Drug Prohibition and the FDA reduce the supply of legal drugs that can help countless people.

When supply is reduced, prices rise because the remaining suppliers have less competition.


* Tax policy encourages employer-provided insurance, meaning less individual choice.
* Medicare, Medicaid, and other subsidies require that health providers comply with State price controls.

Health providers, then, aren't directly accountable to their patients — their customers. And customers have fewer options in treatments and providers.

If you eliminate the employer insurance and State middlemen…

* consumers will demand more options and lower prices in individual health insurance plans.
* insurance providers will demand lower prices from health providers.
* and/or, consumers will negotiate prices directly with health providers.

I reject the notion that a free market in healthcare will make us less safe. There are already laws against fraud and reckless endangerment.

Remember that my “healthcare” involves every decision in my life – diet, exercise, career choice, etc.

These decisions are up to ME.

Why should it be any different when I want or need medical consultation, treatments, or drugs?

Does my body belong to me or the State?

Take more steps to get the State out of medical care. Don't finish until the individual is free from State meddling.


You can send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.

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