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December 28, 2009

Healthcare Reform: It’s about your liberty, not your party

As you know, the Senate voted to pass Harry Reid’s boondoggle healthcare bill. You can see how your Senators voted here:

But this isn’t over. There are still differences between the House and Senate healthcare bills that can derail the entire project.

And so we continue the fight. Today, let’s remind Congress that we oppose this healthcare bill because we believe in liberty.

Here is my letter with talking points you may want to use . . .

I am very angry that the Senate passed H.R. 3590.

But keep in mind that my anger does not stem from partisan hatred. I am not a Republican. Democrats can’t afford to ignore me, and Republicans shouldn’t assume I have their vote.

My concern is my liberty, not my party.

I applauded when Democrats (though not nearly enough of them) opposed the Patriot Act and FISA Amendments Act. I agree with Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

But I see now that even this (insufficient) Democratic opposition was neither principled nor consistent. For in their healthcare bill . . .

 * the people will lose the essential liberties of privacy and freedom of choice
 * as they will be forced to purchase insurance and enroll in a healthcare system they do not want
 * in order to achieve a false sense of “safety” in a health coverage scheme
 * which will be more costly and less effective than what we have now, and far worse than what we could have by restoring the free market

No supporter of this bill should be called a “civil libertarian” ever again.

While I applaud Republicans for staying united in their opposition, I recognize also that they have a large share of blame for getting us into this mess.

 * Their corrupt and incompetent rule paved the way for the Democrats to take power and push this bill
 * Their support of the Medicare Drug Benefit puts the lie to the notion that the GOP is a party of fiscal responsibility and small government
 * Their support of barbaric measures such as medical marijuana raids underscores their hostility to our basic liberties

What Democrats and Republicans both must realize is that my body belongs to me, not the federal government. Not only should this healthcare bill be defeated, but Congress should reverse course entirely and leave me free to make my own decisions with my own life and health. Congress should . . .

 * allow larger tax deductions through expanded Health Savings Accounts to decouple health insurance from employment
 * allow purchase of health insurance policies across state lines, so we can each choose policies that best fit our circumstances
 * repeal all federal laws and regulations that deny access to alternative, non-traditional healthcare providers, treatments, and drugs

With these steps, you will drive down prices and allow greater access to healthcare. You will stop rewarding drug and insurance companies and instead force them to compete. Greater freedom will bring about a healthier and wealthier society.

As long as I do not violate the rights of anyone else, Congress has no moral or Constitutional authority to control my life or health. Do the right thing. Oppose this tyrannical healthcare bill and replace it with a real reform bill that restores our essential liberties.


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James Wilson
Assistant Communications Director, Inc.

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