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March 14, 2011

Here’s a sample letter for the new Social Security campaign

SPECIAL NOTE: Jim Babka is coming to New Hampshire and Minnesota. See below the signature for details.

Quote of the Day: “Delay procrastination.” — anonymous

245 DC Downsizers sent 735 letters to Congress last Wednesday when we launched our new Social Security campaign. This means that 30,839 subscribers to the Downsizer-Dispatch took no action. Well, here’s another chance . . .

We had a lot of important material to present when we launched this campaign, so we didn’t have room for a sample letter.

I thought it might be helpful if you could read what I wrote to my Representative and two Senators. 

The hardwired portion of the message reads:

Please take steps to reduce Social Security’s liabilities.

And this is what I added. You can copy all or part for the personal comments in your letter to Congress.

The old and the young must protect each other. Otherwise, America will go bankrupt, like Greece. And when that happens real, deep, painful cuts will be FORCED on America’s seniors in the most inconvenient way at the most inconvenient time. Therefore . . .

* Slowly raise the retirement age. I’m asking you to do this even though it will impact me, directly. I’ll pay this price.

* Means-test benefits so that we don’t cripple young people for the benefit of those who have independent means of support.

* Reduce Social Security’s future unfunded liabilities by allowing young people to forgo future benefits for the sake of lower taxes now.

* Cut other spending so as to enhance the Social Security opt-out for young people. Make real cuts, not the puny cuts Congress has debated so far. Include sacred cows, like so-called national defense and the Department of Education.


You can use’s Educate the Powerful System to send your letter.

And we invite you to join us on Facebook.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. Meet Jim Babka in New Hampshire and Minnesota . . . is a sponsor of the Nullify Now! Tour. And Jim Babka will be speaking at the following Nullify Now! events . . . 

* Manchester, New Hampshire on March 19, 2011
* St. Paul, Minnesota on April 2, 2011

Get tickets and other information here.

You can also watch video of Jim’s speech at the Orlando event using the same link.

Nullify Now! supports an idea called state nullification. This idea was championed by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They argued, in the Kentucky Resolutions and Virginia Resolution, that the various states could nullify un-Constitutional laws passed by the Federal State, much as the Supreme Court does.   

State nullification would provide an extra layer of protection against federal tyranny. This idea was used in many places in the North prior to the Civil War to nullify the Fugitive Slave Act, a federal law that required state and local officials to kidnap escaped slaves and return them to their supposed owners in the South.

This idea could be used again today to protect you against things like the REAL ID Act and Obamacare. That’s why is sponsoring the Nullify Now! Tour. We hope to see you there.

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